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The '''Reformed Episcopal Church''' (REC) is a Christian church of Anglicanism|Anglican and evangelicalism|Evangelical heritage. It was founded in 1873 in New York City by George David Cummins, formerly a bishop of the Episcopal Church (United States)|Protestant Episcopal Church. The REC is a founding member of the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA), and its four U.S. dioceses are member dioceses of ACNA. REC and ACNA are not members of the Anglican Communion. REC is in communion with the Free Church of England, the Church of Nigeria, and the Anglican Province of America. The current Presiding Bishop of the REC is Royal U. Grote, Jr.[ "History"], Reformed Episcopal Church official website. Accessed: 2009.01.09. As of 2016, it reports 108 parishes and missions in the United States and three in Canada, and also has churches in...
OrientationAnglicanism|Anglican, Reformed
PolityEpiscopal polity|Episcopal
FounderGeorge David Cummins
Founded dateDecember 2, 1873
Founded placeNew York City
Separated fromEpiscopal Church (United States)|Protestant Episcopal Church in the USA
Parent| merger =
Separations| associations = Anglican Church in North America, Federation of Anglican Churches in the Americas. Intercommunion with Free Church of England, Anglican Province of America and Church of Nigeria.
AreaUnited States and Canada
Congregations149[ ACNA Statistics]
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